Scotland CountyScotland County EMS is a paramedic level ALS provider, located in a county of 37,000 along future I-74 in the South Central section of rural North Carolina. The county, 319 square miles, is located 95 miles south of Raleigh, 40 miles southwest of Fayetteville, about 100 miles east of Charlotte, and 100 miles northwest of Wilmington on the NC / SC state line.

The county-operated service utilizes a single-tier ALS system augmented by first responders. A fleet of six ambulances and two quick response vehicles are operated on a rotating schedule from one base located in the City of Laurinburg.  Two ALS units and one ALS QRV are operated on a 24/7 basis to respond to the approximate 5,600 EMS responses per year.

Medics are county employees, receive county government benefits, and work an average 56 hour work week; 24 hour on and 48 hour off [24/48] schedule with the weekends being 24 hour on and 24 hour off [24/24] schedule, with every third week-end allowing for a four day-off week-end.

All potential employees must submit an application on a county-provided form. This is available from the Scotland County Human Resources Department, 507 West Covington Street, Laurinburg NC 28352 or from the link listed below.

A pre-employment Drug Test and a Criminal Background check are required prior to employment.

If you have questions regarding potential employment, you may contact our office at (910) 276-1313 during normal business hours [08:00-17:00 M/F ].

Scotland County is an equal opportunity employer.