Animal Control

The Animal Control Program is charged with the responsibility of enforcing State and County laws, ordinances, and resolutions pertaining to the care, custody and control of animals in Scotland County.


Scotland County serves as a home to many dogs and cats. Often these domesticated animals are exposed to wildlife where the rabies virus is uncontrolled. An outbreak of rabies in the dog or cat population can lead to rabies in human beings. Administering rabies vaccine to animals can help eliminate this potential public health threat. The objective of the Animal Control Program is to fulfill the statutory requirements regarding rabies control in order to protect the public's health.

The Animal Control officer canvasses the county to verify animal vaccination status. The Animal Control officer responds to reports of animal cruelty, abuse and neglect. He also verifies adequate confinement and leashing for dangerous and exotic animals.

For the protection of the citizens of Scotland County, an animal control officer responds 24 hours per day to reports of rabid animals, animal bites, as well as vicious and injured animals.

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 Animal Control works cooperatively with the Scotland County Humane Society.

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