General Information

Effective July 1, 2003 


Section 16.5 Manufactured/Mobile Homes Must Be Manufactured After July 1, 1976


Manufactured homes (also referred to as mobile homes) placed, erected or located on any parcel or lot must have been manufactured after July 1, 1976 and meet or exceed construction and safety standards promulgated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in effect at the time of manufacture. A manufactured home or mobile home built before July 1, 1976 that was already properly permitted and properly setup inScotlandCountymay remain in the location currently occupied but may not be relocated within the County. All applications for a manufactured home/mobile home zoning permit must include documentation of the manufactured home/mobile home manufactured date.



If you are moving a mobile home from another county, or to another location within the county other than a new purchase, you will need to go to the tax office within that county and obtain a moving permit to move that home. You will then need to bring that moving permit with you to the Inspection Department before we can issue the proper permits to setup the home in its new location.  If you have any questions, please call (910)-277-2428 or (910)-277-2415.



  1. Copy of Deed to the Property

       You may obtain your property deed at the Register of Deeds office at the courthouse.

  2.  Copy of the Plat/Map of your property (with measurements)

       You may obtain a copy of the plat/map of your property at the Tax/Mapping Office    

       located at 507 West Covington Street.

3.    Pin Number (Parcel Identification Number)

       This number may be obtained from your Tax Card or the Tax/Mapping Office.

4.    Notarized Consent Form (if the deed is not in your name)

       The Consent Form is within the application packet.

5.    Manufactured Home Permit Application

       You will need proof that the home was manufactured after July 1, 1976. This  

       information may be obtained on the sales contract or the title of the Manufactured


Any permit issued shall expire six (6) months after issuance if no inspections have been made.  Any permit issued shall expire twelve (12) months after issuance if the work is discontinued. 

  • Scotland County charges a $25.00 RETURN CHECK FEE.


All permitted projects are subject to reinspection fees at the following rates: 

*$30.00 for the first extra trip 

*$40.00 for the second extra trip 

*$60.00 for the third extra trip 

*Extra trips are defined as the second trip for the same inspection, or the first    inspection if the project is obviously not ready when the inspector arrives at the  scheduled inspection.