Scotland County Area Transit System


Scotland County Area Transit System provides a variety of services to the people of Scotland County. Transportation to medical appointments is available on a daily basis.  Access to human service agencies is also provided to those who need and qualify for transportation. Several times a month, transportation is provided to large regional medical centers for people with special medical needs that can not be met by the local medical community.

Through funding from the Council on Aging, senior citizens 60 years of age or older can request transportation to any location in Scotland County just by calling 277-2416 and scheduling a ride. The system has access to lift vans for individuals who may have a mobility issue or be confined to a wheel chair.

Through funding from the North Carolina Department of Transportation, a fixed route transportation system operates Monday through Friday to serve local residential neighborhoods and occupants of multi-family housing complexes wishing to access the various retail districts in Laurinburg. The system operates from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at a fare of $1.00. There are two routes that share several common stops allowing riders to change buses and access both sides of town. There is no additional cost to change buses or to catch a return ride. The map link below shows the two routes and the location of the stops.

SCATS is funded through fees, fares, state and federal grants and local tax support. The system is in place to serve the segment of the population for whom transportation is a problem.

SCATS offices are located at 1403-C West Blvd. in Laurinburg.  Please call the transportation office at 277-2416 if you have questions about the services the system provides or you may contact Nancy Pittman at