Maternal Health

About Maternal Health

The focus of the Scotland County Health Department is to promote early and adequate prenatal care for the best possible pregnancy outcome to all pregnant women. As of February 3, 2015, the Scotland County Health Department once again provides prenatal care clinic services to patients. To schedule an appointment call 910-277-2440.


  • Counseling Services
  • Medicaid Services
  • Postpartum/Newborn Home Visit Assessment by a Public Health Nurse
  • Pregnancy Care Management Services
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • WIC Services
Patients who receive pregnancy testing and counseling, WIC, Medicaid, and Pregnancy Care Management services, are encouraged to participate in childbirth, parenting, prenatal, and breastfeeding classes. Parenting, prenatal, and breastfeeding classes are held monthly at the Health Department, and childbirth classes are held monthly at Scotland Memorial Hospital (unless otherwise noted).

Additional Information

Contact Carlotta Rivers, RN BSN, Maternal Health Coordinator, at 910-277-2470 ext. 4473 or by email, with any questions or if additional information is needed.