The following Environmental Health Fees were approved by the Scotland County Board of Commissioners and became effective September 18, 2014.

Septic Systems

System Type
Existing System Renewal $75
Expansion of Existing System $75
New System "Includes IP and CA" $150
Re-Evaluation / Changes, Loans, etc.
Repair of Existing System


Well Type
New Drinking Water Well - Including Full Panel Test Kit and One (1) Additional Microbiology Test
New Drinking Water Well - If Applied in Conjunction with an On-Site Septic Permit
New Drinking Water Well - Includes Volatile Organic and Full Panel Test Kit

Existing Wells

Sample Type
Bacteriological Sample $50
Inorganic Sample $100
Nitrate Sample
Pesticide Sample
Petroleum Sample

Follow-Up New Well Sampling Fees

Well Sample
Full Panel Kit
Inorganic $125
Nitrate and Organic
Nitrate - Nitrate

Other Programs

Item Fee
Pool Plan Review
Plan Review for Food Handling Establishment
Swimming Pool Annual Permit
Tattoo / Annual Fee Per Artist
Temporary Food Establishments (TFEs)