Well Permits

Any person interested in constructing a new well on their property must obtain a well permit from the Scotland County Health Department-Environmental Health Division located at:
Health Department - Environmental Health Division
1405 W Boulevard
Laurinburg, NC 28352

Additional information may be obtained by calling 910-277-2440. A copy of the Well Rules for Scotland County and the State of North Carolina may be obtained upon request.

Site Visit

Upon verification of property ownership, the Scotland County Environmental Health Specialist will make a site visit to determine the best location to construct a new well. The landowner obtains the well construction permit and must have a North Carolina licensed well driller to construct their well.

Grout Inspection

Upon construction of the well, the Environmental Health Specialist must make a well grout inspection to make certain the well grouting is poured to state requirements. After the well is completed, the Environmental Health Specialist will obtain water samples to make certain the well is free of coli form bacteria. If no bacterium is present, the well will be an approved water source.

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