The Scotland County E-911 Communications Center provides 24 hour-a-day, 7 day-a-week 911 access and services to the citizens and user agencies in Scotland County. E-911 services include receiving emergency and non-emergency request for services, dispatching of EMS, fire, law enforcement and rescue squad units, transferring 911 calls to other county emergency response agencies, monitoring and providing severe weather alerts, serving as a County point of contact for state agencies, and other duties as required. The Communication Center is staffed by 14 full-time trained telecommunicators, each working 12-hour shifts on a rotating basis.

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911 Call Taking

The Scotland County E-911 is the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for the County of Scotland. Each county 911 wire line and wireless call comes directly to the Center and is handled according to its location and nature. During the call, the Telecommunicator is required to ascertains the location and nature of the emergency. Other information obtained includes, but is not limited to:
  • The caller's name, address, and call-back number
  • The presence of any weapons (if a crime was committed)
  • Certain information for medical emergencies (life status, medical history, etc.)
  • Potential hazards at the scene of the emergency
When each 911 call is received, the telephone number and location of the caller is electronically displayed and is verified by the Telecommunicator. This is referred to as the ANI (automatic number identifier) and the ALI (automatic location identifer) information, which is provided to the 911 PSAP from the data base of the telecommunication company providing the 911 service. This information is electronically recorded in the PSAP and kept on file for official use only.

Dispatch Services

Dispatch services and support services are provided to the following user agencies in and around Scotland County.
  • Emergency Medical Services:
    • Scotland County EMS
  • Rescue Services:
    • Scotland County Rescue
  • Law Enforcement:
    • Scotland County Sheriff's Department
    • Laurinburg Police Department
  • Fire Service:
    • North Central Scotland Fire Department (Laurinburg)
    • North Scotland Fire Department (Wagram)
    • South Central Scotland Fire Department (Laurinburg)
    • Southwest Scotland Fire Department (Gibson)
    • Springhill-Friendship Fire Department (Marston)
    • Stewartsville Fire Department (Johns Station)
    • West Scotland Fire Department (Laurel Hill)
    • North Carolina Forest Service
  • Other Services Agencies:
    • Scotland County Emergency Management
    • Scotland County Animal Control Office
    • Scotland County DSS
    • Braveheart Medical Transport
In addition, the Scotland County E-911 maintains emergency callback lists for various city, county, state, and private utility services, as well as, other support agencies as needed.

Technologies & Operations Equipment

The Scotland County E-911 Center is equipped with modern communications and technologically advanced equipment, however the Next Generation (NG) equipment that will be used in future 911 systems is still under development and will be incorporated in the county's proposed new 911 center expected to be in operation in 2015. The E-911 PSAP located at the EMS base is currently (February of 2012) installing upgraded Positron 911 equipment that will eventually be relocated in the new proposed dispatch center and EOC. This new equipment will allow for some current technology advancements over the older equipment it will replace. The new equipment should be online and active by February 15, 2012.