Mission Statement

Our mission is to become the best small public library in North Carolina. By tuning in to the people we serve and supporting each others efforts, we will provide highly responsive service. We strive to inform, enrich and empower every person in our county by creating and promoting easy access to a vast array of ideas and information, and by supporting an informed citizenry, lifelong learning and love of reading. We acquire, organize and provide books and other pertinent materials; ensure access to information sources throughout the nation; serve our public with expert and caring assistance; and reach out to all the citizens within our county.


We intend to provide:
  • Services that are understood and valued by the community and result in library use and involvement from the broadest possible spectrum of residents.
  • A caring, welcoming and lively cultural and lifelong learning center for the community.
  • Outstanding reference, readers' advisory and borrower services that are barrier free for users of all ages, regardless of ethnic background, educational level, economic status or physical condition.
  • Collections of enduring value and contemporary interest which are relevant to user needs and readily accessible from every service point.
  • A highly trained and competent staff that reflects the rich diversity of our community and that works together to provide responsive service to all users.
  • Appropriate technology to extend, expand and enhance services and ensure that all users have equitable access to information.
  • Safe and well maintained facilities which are available during hours of greatest convenience to our users.
  • Careful stewardship of the public trust, which ensures accountability and makes the most efficient and effective use of funds, both public and private; fosters collaboration, cooperation and co-location where possible with other agencies; and builds public/private partnerships to enhance services to our users.

Organizational Values

Service to our users is our reason for being. Those who need us most should be our highest priority.
  • All employees, volunteers and friends of the Library are valued as human beings and for their important contributions to our service.
  • We are a learning organization that is open, collegial, and risk-taking; we nurture our talents and each other and constantly reassess our services and methods to adapt to the changing needs of our community.
  • We support and defend intellectual freedom and the confidentiality of borrowers' and inquirers' use of the Library.
  • All Library services are provided in a nonpartisan and non-judgmental manner that is sensitive to and supportive of human differences.
  • Both staff and patrons are encouraged to laugh often and out loud.