Child Care Services

Subsidized Child Care

Using a combination of state and federal funds, subsidized child care services are offered to a large number of eligible families. Subsidized child care services provides for the protection, care and developmental experiences for children ages birth through 12, or 13 through 17 due to extenuating circumstances for a portion of a day but less than twenty-four hours. Care may be provided only in a child care facility or an in-home child care facility. Each type of care arrangement must be licensed or meet all applicable Division of Child Development requirements for the type of arrangement.

Goals of the Subsidized Child Care Program

  • Enable parents to maintain or seek employment in order to support their family and achieve economic independence.
  • Enable parents to participate in job training or educational programs that will lead to their employment.
  • Provide child day care to children receiving protective services.
  • Provide child day care to children in need of early intervention to enhance their development.
  • Facilitate the reunification of families in crisis and prevent foster care.