Programs Available

North Carolina Agriculture Cost Share Program (NCACSP)

This is a state-funded program that reimburses farmers for the cost of installing conservation practices that improves water quality on their land. Landowners may be reimbursed up to 75% of a set cost for installation of conservation practices.

The program also provides incentive payments for a limited number of practices, which are to encourage the adoption of the practice. All of the program practices are considered to be Best Management Practices (BMPs) for controlling erosion, animal waste and protecting water quality. Landowners must have an approved contract and Conservation Plan on the enrolled acres in order to be reimbursed for Best Management Practices (BMPs).

Additional Information

Find more information about NCACSP.

Education Programs

The Soil and Water Department provides many educational programs and activities to the public schools of Scotland County. Those activities include:
  • Arbor Day
  • Earth Day Presentations
  • Envirothon Program
  • Poster Contest
  • Soil Presentations
  • Teacher Workshops
We also sponsor "Environmental Field Days" for the middle schools of Scotland County.

A group of children planting plants with other children in the background