Tax Records

Access your records to search, view, and pay your property and vehicle tax records online.


Find GIS data for Scotland County.

Deed Certification

Deed Certification Form
Access the Resolution.

Occupancy Tax
Occupancy Tax Form

Register of Deeds

Learn more about the Register of Deeds.

Real Estate Taxes

Real Estate taxes are billed in July or August. They are due September 1, but not late until January 6, of the next year. You may take a 1% discount if paid in July or August. Payments are accepted from the time of billing until January 6.

Interest will accrue January 6. At that time enforced collection measures will begin.

Motor Vehicle Bills

Motor vehicles bills are generated through the North Carolina Vehicle Tag and Tax Together Program.

Payment Methods

Credit cards are accepted. However a third party convenience fee will apply to cardholders. Such fee will be disclosed to cardholder at time of transaction with the option to decline the transaction. This will be 2.45% ($1.50 Minimum). Visa Consumer Debit Cards used will be assessed a flat fee of $3.95 regardless of the transaction amount.