Training Schedule

Scotland County EMS and NCOEMS require medical personnel to have a minimum of 36 hours of comprehensive training annually. Medics attend classes offered by surrounding Community Colleges, Emergency Medicine Today conferences, EMSpire Conferences, and monthly classes offered locally through training offered by Scotland County EMS. Scotland County strives to hold a Con Ed class the last working week day of each month, but that schedule varies due to available resources and personnel to teach each class. Last year, staff from UNC-Air Care provided a great deal of instruction in the Scotland County EMS Con Ed program. On several months, UNC was able to bring some of their training simulators for medics to practice on to include topics such as child birth, cardiac arrest, respiratory distress, and other life threating situations. It provides a great boost to the realism of the training scenario to utilize cutting edge training equipment not available in this rural areas of North Carolina. Contact our Training Officer, Matthew Locklear 910-266-4322 to confirm the date and time for training.