Absentee Voting

One of the main goals of the Scotland County Board of Elections is to help bring a greater understanding and participation in the voting process to the citizens of Scotland County.

Voting Options

In Scotland County registered voters have 2 options of voting other than appearing in person at their polling place on Election Day and casting their ballot. The two methods are:
  • No Excuse Absentee One-Stop Voting
  • Absentee by mail

Absentee Ballot Excuse

Prior to 1999 voters in North Carolina had to have an excuse to vote by absentee ballot. In 1999 the North Carolina General Assembly passed laws that allowed voters to vote an absentee one-stop ballot without having to provide an excuse. In 2001 they amended the statute to included absentee voting by mail.

Absentee Obligations

Absentee voters have the same obligations as those who vote at their polling place on Election Day. They must complete an application and vote their ballot in complete secrecy.