Scotland County Aging Advisory Council


  • Kathie Cox, Vice Chairman
  • Ann Kurtzman, Chairman

Citizen Members


  • Mrs. Katherine Allen
  • Mrs. Loretta Baranek
  • Ms. Leatha Garrison
  • Mr. Andrew Kurtzman

  • Ms. Lorraine Prince
  • Mrs. Sue Shulz
  • Mr. Robert Ussery
  • Mrs. Cordella Walker
  • Rev. Howard Whitehurst, Senior Tarheel Legislator

East Laurinburg

  • Ms. Renee Snipes

Laurel Hill

  • Mrs. Freddie Davis


  • Mr. John Lewis
  • Mr. William Mathews, Past Chairman
  • Mr. Frank Scott
  • Ms. Peggy Smith


The purpose of the Scotland County Aging Advisory Council is to advocate, communicate, educate and create respect for adults 55 and older. The Aging Advisory Council is a collaborative of all agencies serving older adults and citizen board members.


  • Recommend funding for Home and Community Care Block Grant
  • Number Please Brochure
  • Disseminate information to the community on services and programs that are for or affect older adults.

Agencies Serving Older Adults

  • Area Agency on Aging, Region N, David Richardson, Administrator
  • Cooperative Extension, Randy Wood, Director
  • Interim Health Care
  • Scotland Memorial Library, Leon Gyles, Librarian
  • Department of Social Services, Kimberly McRae, Older Adult Administrator
  • Eastpointe, Mental Health Educator
  • Scotland Place Senior Ctr/Parks and Recreation Vacant, Director
  • Emergency Services and Transportation Roylin Hammond, Director
  • Health Department, Kathie Cox, Health Educator
  • County Administration, Ann Kurtzman