Scotland County Board of Health Orientation & Training Online Handbook

Welcome to the Scotland County Board of Health. This Orientation and Training Handbook resource was developed to benefit both new and current board members. Our aim is to provide general and some detailed information about the Scotland County Board of Health, Public Health in North Carolina, the Scotland County Health Department and the health status individuals living, working and playing in Scotland County. We built this training to especially provide support to new board members to support their public health related decision making.

Resources on this page are the most current version available. We will continually keep the content up-to-date as new or updated information become available and we will comprehensively update this resource at least once per year. Please let us know how we can continually enhance this tool to better benefit your needs.

We hope you enjoy your time on the Scotland County Board of Health!

Local Rules and Ordinances

  1. Seafood Ordinance
  2. Animal Control Ordinance