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September 15, 2018 8:09 AM

City and County Flooding Potential

ATTENTION: Scotland County Emergency Services and Emergency Management has identified a 100 year flood plain here in Scotland County. Areas which are located in this flood plain are at an increased risk of seeing significant flooding. There is concern that in the next 24-72 hours as conditions change a severe flooding event could occur in the following locations placing citizens in danger.

All of Bakerfield
Fork Street
Allison Drive (Jameston)
Calhoun Drive (79 side)
Fox Crossing
Horse Park in front of General McArthur's
Hasty Road across from St Andrews Horse Park
Pea Bridge Road (Near Wed Way)
Dixie Guano Road
1st, 2nd Street East Laurinburg
74 Bus. East from Leeth Creek to Dixie Guana (Creel Side)
Appaloosa Cr.
Palomino Road
Bronco Drive
15-501 1 mile North of Nic's Pik
Harry Malloy at Barnes Bridge
Bryant's Circle Subdivision of HWY 71
Dan Smith Road
Fairway Drive

Westwood Subdivision
Plaza Road
Oakcroft Trail Subdivision
Mistletoe Drive
Lakewood Drive
Malloy Street
Creedle Street at end
Old Lumberton from Creek to Emory Street
4th Street, 3rd Street
Purcell Street
Shaw Street
McGirts Bridge near city limit
Carver Street Apartments
Joy Street (end)
Creekside Drive

Emergency Services cannot force citizens to evacuate, but they are asking citizens to be prepared to evacuate immediately should your location begin to flood. If you need assistance or have any questions please call 266-4666.

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