Mosquito Control

By action of the Scotland County Board of Health, the following rules governing the control of mosquitoes through removing, filling, draining, emptying, treating, altering, or otherwise eliminating mosquito breeding sources, for the express purpose of protecting the public health, are hereby adopted pursuant to Chapter 130A-39(a) of the General Statutes of North Carolina. These rules shall apply throughout Scotland County, including, but not limited to, all cities and towns, whether incorporated or unincorporated. 
  1. Section 1 - Purpose

    It is the intent of these rules to control and reduce the mosquito population of Scotland County by removing, draining, treating, altering or otherwise eliminating all breeding sources for mosquitoes.

  2. Section 2 - Definitions

    Find the definitions for common works used when discussing mosquito control.

  3. Section 3 - General Provisions

    All premises within Scotland County shall be maintained in such a manner as to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes on the premises.

  4. Section 4 - Methods of Treating Mosquito Breeding

    Find out what methods are able to used to eliminate breeding sources for mosquitoes.

  5. Section 5 - Right of Entry-Inspections

    The Director shall have the right of entry upon any premises where entry is necessary to carry out the provisions of these Rules

  6. Section 6 - Penalties & Remedies

    Find out what happens if a person violates any provision of the rules.

  7. Section 7 - Severability

    If any provision of clause of these Rules shall be declared invalid, such declaration shall not invalidate any other provision or clause of these Rules.

  8. Section 8 - Prior Rules & Regulations Repealed

    All rules and regulations heretofore adopted by the Scotland County Board of Health regulating mosquito control are hereby repealed.

  9. Section 9 - Effective Date

    Find out when the rules shall be in full force and effective.