Section 4 - Methods of Treating Mosquito Breeding Sources

Breeding sources for mosquitoes shall be eliminated or treated by one or more of the following methods as shall be approved by the Health Director.
  • Filling, draining, removing, or otherwise eliminating the breeding source.
  • Completely emptying the breeding source of all water at least every 7 days, or as approved by the Director. Where an artificial container is a water basin (i.e., swimming pool) designed to hold water, such containers shall be maintained or altered to prevent mosquito breeding or be removed.
  • Treating the breeding source with an effective insecticide and/or larvacide approved by the Director.
  • Completely emptying artificial containers of all liquid and storing in an enclosed structure which is constructed in such a manner as to prevent the permanent collection of liquid in said containers.
  • Maintain all natural or manmade storm or surface water drain ways in a manner to prevent the pooling of water sufficient to provide breeding for mosquitoes.
  • Other methods proven to be effective in controlling mosquitoes and as approved by the Director.