Initial Forms

New Employee Forms

First things First! By using the link below, you may provide basic personal information, tax withholding selections and direct deposit information.  You will be required to provide some type of banking documentation for your direct deposit.  This may be attached as you complete the initial forms or presented on your first day of employment.

Form 1:  New Employee Initial Documents

Employment Eligibility must be verified using the Department of Homeland Security Form I-9.  Please review the List of Acceptable Documents and be prepared to present the appropriate document(s) on your first day of employment.  Once you complete the Form I-9, you will be prompted to select your Agency/Department.  If you do not see your Agency/Department listed, select County Human Resources.

Review First:  Acceptable Documents
Form 2:  Form I-9

Driving a County vehicle?  If so, please complete the Driver's Disclosure Form.  If you are not sure yet of your driving responsibilities for your new position, you may confirm this with your Supervisor on your first day.

Form 3:  Driver's Disclosure Form