Scotland County Rescue Squad, chartered in the 1950s, is an all-volunteer agency that provide technical rescue services to the citizens of Scotland County. They also play a vital role in providing first responder support to Scotland County EMS.

In addition to providing technical rescue service, the rescue squad assist with searches for missing and lost persons, traffic control, evacuations, debris removal and many other essential functions to assist the citizens of the county.


All of the members of the Scotland County Rescue are current members of the North Carolina Association of Rescue and Emergency Medical Services (NCAREMS) and are currently certified in specific areas of rescue and emergency medical response or are pursuing certifications in emergency medical response or rescue specialty areas. Medical certification range from Medical Responder up to the Paramedic level and are certified through the North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services.

Funding & Equipment

The squad is currently funded 50% by Scotland County and 50% by The City of Laurinburg. The squad operates 2 Crash Trucks, which respond to traffic accidents, industrial accidents, and any event that requires technical rescue equipment. The squad recently acquired a QRV (quick response vehicle) to respond to accidents and medical calls. The vehicle is equipped with limited extraction equipment. The squad also operates a Special Operations vehicle, Rescue 1, that is equipped to pull either of the squads 2 rescue boats or 6 canoes. The vehicles is used in both land and water searches or recovery operations. All the above equipment is housed in the 2 Laurinburg Fire Department facilities and are often driven to the scene of an emergency event by the paid City of Laurinburg firemen stationed at these 2 facilities.